Dr Loïc Villet

Doctor Loïc Villet

Orthopedic surgeon


Dr. VILLET is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in prosthetic replacement of the hip (total hip replacement and resurfacing) and knee (total and partial replacement) in the treatment of severe osteoarthritis, and having performed more than 3000 implantations to date. After 3 years as a hospital practitioner at the Bordeaux University Hospital in the joint reconstruction department, he moved to the liberal sector in 2011, taking over from Dr Daniel Gautier.
Dr VILLET uses state-of-the-art techniques particularly suited to prosthetic replacement of young and/or active patients : minimally invasive surgery preserving the integrity of the peri-articular muscles and the bone stock, and personalized ‘physiological’ (or kinematic) implantation of the implants to reproduce the unique anatomy of each joint. These computer-assisted surgical techniques aim to improve the reliability of the operation by optimizing the functional performance and the natural feel of the prosthetic joint.


Orthopedic surgeon accredited by the High Authority of Health (HAS) and the French Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery
(SOFCOT) for the practice of hip resurfacing in coxarthrosis of active subjects under 60 years old.

Hospital Practitioner at Bordeaux University Hospital (2007-2010)

Head of Clinic at Bordeaux Hospitals (2003-2007)

Doctor of Medicine in 2003 (Thesis subject: computer-assisted prosthetic knee surgery)

Intern at Bordeaux Hospitals (1998-2003)

Graduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon-Nord (1991-1998)


Intern at Bordeaux Hospitals

2003 à 2007
Head of Clinic of the Hospitals of Bordeaux

2007 à 2010
Hospital Practitioner at the University Hospital of Bordeaux in the lower limb joint replacement service of Pr. Chauveaux.

Janvier 2011
Installation in the liberal sector at the Bordeaux Nord Polyclinic and the Pessac Mutualist Clinic, succeeding Dr. D. Gautier, for an almost exclusive practice of prosthetic hip and knee surgery.

Depuis 2017
Surgeon at the Clinique du Sport Bordeaux-Mérignac

En 2020
He took part in the opening of the Arthrosis Center in Mérignac, adjoining the Clinique du Sport, where he consults. He also operates at the Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine Polyclinic.


EKS (European Knee Society)

EHS (European Hip Society)

SFHG  (French Hip and Knee Society)

SOFCOT (French Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology)

PAS (Personalised Arthroplasty Society)


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