Dr Franck Thanas

Doctor Franck Thanas

Orthopedic surgeon


Doctor Franck Thanas specializes in prosthetic hip and knee surgery.
He consults at the Bordeaux-Mérignac Osteoarthritis Center and ensures that the consultation provides clear and precise information to the patient.
He is accredited by the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS).
His areas of intervention are :
  • Prosthetic hip surgery by the minimally invasive anterior approach, on an outpatient basis or in short-term hospitalization (rapid recovery protocol after surgery, RRAC protocol).
  • Total and unicompartmental prosthetic knee surgery (possibility of using the computer assistance system with augmented reality), on an outpatient basis or in short-term hospitalization (RRAC protocol)
  • Revision surgery for total hip and knee prosthesis (possible use of Trabecular Metal cone (porous titanium) for complex reconstructions of the acetabulum, extremities of the femur and tibia at the knee).
  • Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee under arthroscopy (according to the Kenneth-Jones technique or the hamstrings technique), surgery for meniscal lesions under arthroscopy


Diploma of Superior Studies in Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery (CHU de Clermont-Ferrand 2003).

Inter-University Diploma in Arthroscopic Surgery (CHU of Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille. 2004).

Attestation of University Studies in Experimental and Clinical Microsurgery Techniques (2001).

Former Assistant – Head of Clinic at the Hospitals of Clermont-Ferrand (Department of Professor Levai, hip and knee specialization 2001-2004).

Doctor of Medicine  (2001).

Certificate in Anatomy and Organogenesis (1999).

Specialized anatomy certificate: radioanatomy (1999).

Master’s degree in biological and medical sciences (2001).


Medical studies: Medicine Lyon Nord (1987-1995)

Former Intern at Clermont-Ferrand Hospitals (1995-2001)

National Service – Larrey Toulouse Hospital – Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Service (1997)

Former Assistant – Head of Clinic, Orthopaedics-Traumatology Department of Professor Jean-Paul Levai, Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital (2001-2004)

Successor of Doctor Guy Liorzoux in Bordeaux since November (2004)

Liberal practice initially at Clinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine and MSP Bagatelle

In practice at the Clinique du Sport Bordeaux – Mérignac since (2017)


Member of the French Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery (SOFCOT).

Commitment to the evaluation of professional practices (ORTORISQ) since 2007.

Designer member of a total hip prosthesis femoral stem (Libra stem, SERF laboratory).

Designer member of a total knee prosthesis for revision and reconstruction (Panthéon prosthesis, Adler laboratory).


The cruciate ligaments and their role in the passive stability of the knee (Mémoire-Certificat Anatomy and organogenesis 1999).

Evaluation of a software for measuring the wear of polyethylene in total hip prostheses (Medical thesis 2001)

Wear of the polyethylene cups with a 28 mm head: comparison of wear on the ceramic head, chrome-cobalt head with a 10-year follow-up (memoir- DESC of orthopedic and traumatological surgery 2003).

Design and evaluation of the Libra femoral stem and the Panthéon revision knee prosthesis since their use.

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Consultations with Dr. THANAS

6 rue Georges Negrevergne,
33700 Mérignac

Monday to Thursday : 8h30 to 18h30,

Friday : 8h30 – 17h00

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