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Technology Assistance

Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) for arthroplasty

Technology can sometimes be of great help in planning and performing surgery as accurately as possible.

We have access to multiple technological tools, which we use as required for certain complex surgeries:

  • 3D planning tools to define the optimal size and orientation of the components to be implanted.
  • Computer assistance and augmented reality or tailor-made, patient-specific, cutting guides to guarantee control and precision of the positioning of the implants.

Computer-assisted total knee replacement and augmented reality. This technology helps to optimize positioning of knee and hip implants (image). It is especially relevant during complex surgeries.


Joint replacement assisted by three-dimensional planning and patient-specific cutting guides (patient-specific instrumentation – PSI). This technology makes it possible to check the correct positioning of the knee (left image) and hip (right image) implants. It is especially relevant during complex surgeries.